Before Box Critters launched, there were a few experements where we test different parts of the game. Here is an archive of my experience in them.

3D Experement

Originally, Box Critters was going to be 3D. RocketSnail posted on twitter to test out a game demo. The only thing you can do is walk around with other people. You can’t talk to them though. I did play the experement but I did not get any screenshots. Here is a photo I found online for the test.


Experiment #1 – Hamsters!

In this test players can log in and walk around a room and chat with people as a hamster!

I First Signed In At: 8th February 2019 (Around 9:30 PM GMT)

Mini Updates Before Experiment 2

1) New Sprites – 17th March 2019

A mini update was added to experiment one on 17/3/19 updated the raccoon sprite from the old one to the new one. Nothing else changed.


2) RocketSnail added Viking Helmet to his profile – 17th March 2019

3) RocketSnail as a Snail – 20th March 2019

4) Everyone can access Viking Helmet – 1st April 2019

To obtain the item you would of typed /gear viking in chat.

5) Multiple Items – 5th April 2019

RocketSnail’s nickname1 account logged on with multiple items on.

6) Inventory Update – 7th April 2019

In this update you can access a blank inventory by clicking the green square at the bottom right hand corner of the game. Even if you have the Viking Helmet on it wouldnt appear in the inventory.

A few hours later the Viking Helmet appeared in the inventory.

7) Better Inventory & Some Free Clothing Items – 9th April 2019

On this day RocketSnail logged online and gave some free items to people! The most common one is the toque but some people got some other items as well. Also, the inventory icon changed to a box.

Experiment #2 – Free Items

On 10th April 2019 Experiment 2 released!

RocketSnail stated that there will be a free item every week. To claim the item you would type /freeitem in chat.

This is a list of what item you would of got depending on which week you typed /freeitem in chat.

Week 1) Blue Toque

Week 2) Inside Out T-Shirt

Week 3) Blue Baseball Cap

List of other items what were available with typing in a code in chat during the experiment.

1) /rocketsnail – Viking Helmet

2) /cute – Pink Toque

3) /andybulletin – Red Propeller Cap

4) /oomm – OOMM Space Suit

5) /discordcritters2k19 – Headphones

6) /boxcritters3d – White 3D Glasses

7) /boxcritterswiki – Paper Hat

8) /oommgames – OOMM Space Suit

9) /goodnight – Sleepy Cap

10) /thekeeper – Party Hat

11) /madeincanada – White Toque

12) /3dboxcritters – Black 3D Glasses

13) /bunnyhug – Blue Hoodie

14) /explore – Red Plaid Shirt

Mini Updates Before Experiment 3

1) Easter Egg Hunt – 18th April 2019

On this update an Easter Egg Hunt was avalible to play. There were 6 items in total you could get.

You can read the blog post that was released when the egg hunt was launched to find out more information, click here to see it.