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The Bridge Room with the door open!

Hello critters! Yesterday RocketSnail posted on his instagram an image of the The Bridge room but with the door open!

Normally on BC the door is closed in this room.

UPDATE: RocketSnail also posted an image on twitter with the door open.

That is it for this quick blog post! I would also like to say we are also on Tumblr! Click here to visit us there!

Thanks for reading!

Box Critters Easter Egg Hunt 2019 FULL GUIDE

Hello critters! The Egg Hunt update has launched on BC! Here is the guide for it!

Egg Hats

To get the egg hats walk to the locations circled in the photo below. Do it in the order listed.

Bunny Ears

Once you have got the egg hats you need to walk around in the area circled below to get the bunny ears.

To get the pink bunny ears walk around wearing the purple easter egg.

To get the blue bunny ears walk around wearing the blue and purple easter egg.

To get the white bunny ears walk around wearing the green easter egg.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the free items!


Box Critters Experiment 2!

Hello critters! Experiment 2 has now released!

Each week you will be able to claim a free item. This week is the blue toque!

Type /freeitem in chat to claim!

That is it for this guide! Click here to visit the page where I will update when there is a new code!

Box Critters Instagram Posts

Hello critters! Box Critters now has an Instagram! You can find it here.

You can tell it is the official instagram for the game because firstly RocketSnail follows it and he has also posted a few new concepts on the account (if he has posted these before then please let me know).

Also, an admin of the RocketSnail discord server has posted another image of the unicorn critter but this time with some clothes on.

Thanks for reading!


Hello critters!

RocketSnail posted an image of critters wearing clothes. Someone commented and RocketSnail replied this.

In this reply he mentioned mascots.

This is it for this mini post! Thanks for reading.

Seccond Experiment Poll

Hello critters! RocketSnail has posted on Twitter asking what we should test in the next experement of Box Critters!

You can find this tweet here.

Make sure to vote what you want! There is only 3 days to do this!

Thank you for reading!